Transparency and accountability

accountability.jpgThe three-tier system ensures that all deliveries and sales are tracked and recorded. Through this partnership with the state, Indiana alcohol distributors assure the excise police and revenue departments that every transaction involving alcohol in Indiana is appropriately taxed and only sold through licensed establishments. This also protects consumers against counterfeiting and tainted products.

Distributors also provide an efficient and accountable process for collecting the significant state taxes levied on alcohol products. They have the ability to monitor the sale of a product from the time it leaves the manufacturer to the time it arrives at the retailer, which makes distributors the best equipped for collecting state taxes. Like Indiana, most states find it much easier to collect taxes from a limited number of distributors rather than from the thousands of retail establishments selling alcohol or the thousands of alcohol manufacturers.

In addition, the three-tier system allows for proper regulation of Indiana's alcohol laws. The system regulates retail sales, ensuring that retailers have obtained appropriate permits, do not sell to those under the legal drinking age, pay state and local taxes, and generally comply with state and federal alcohol beverage laws.

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