Controlling Access to Minors

Indiana distributors monitor retailers to help ensure that proper age verification is being implemented. If a particular retailer is suspended by the state for selling alcohol to minors or not properly checking identification, distributors are required to stop delivering products to that retailer.

Wine and Spirits Distributors of Indiana also supports efforts to reduce underage drinking and partners with organizations to help reduce minors’ access to alcohol. WSDI routinely supports efforts by the Indiana Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking (ICRUD).

Support from the Indiana General Assembly and the state’s court system is also essential to reducing minors’ access to and consumption of alcohol. WSDI works diligently to encourage legislators to retain Indiana’s three-tier alcohol system, which has proven effective for controlling access. This system, in which alcohol products are shipped from manufacturers to distributors to retailers, encourages proper age verification at the retail level. It also ensures that manufacturers cannot sell products directly to consumers without the legally required initial face-to-face transaction.